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Valentine\'s Day

Check your understanding by filling in the blanks with an appropriate word.


"Valentine's Day" is celebrated on ______________ 14th in The United States, and some countries in _____________ and __________________. People send ______________ ( a valentine) or give ________________ or flowers to the loved ones or people they admire.

In Brazil, love between sweethearts is celebrated on _______________ 12th. The day to express __________________ in Brazil is July 20th. "Friend's Day" was created by the Argentinean Enrique Ernesto Febbraro. The inspiration for the date came from the man's arrival on the ______________ on July 20th 1969, because this was not only a scientifical discovery, but also an opportunity to make _______________ in other parts of the universe. During the "Friend's Day" people exchange ________________, hug each other and express their friendship.


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